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Sumner A. Ingmark

Sumner A. Ingmark is credited with some of the sharpest and best-know quotes concerning gambling. His clever witticisms appear at the end of articles mailed by some of the large casino sites such as casino city and the casinomeister. But who is this Sumner A Ingmark?

Some of the poet, or bard's, famous quotes include: "That which endures the test of time, Oft proves to be what’s most sublime." and "Though eons of tradition frame gamblers' intuition, Casino superstition is worthy of suspicion".

Before we go further, here are some useful resources endorsed (ahem) by the great man himself. Sumner Ingmark's best casinos | Sumner Ingmark's strategy advice

Who is Sumner Ingmark?

Sumner is usually referred to as a bard. However I have been unable to find anything about him in any records online. None of my forum members knew anything about him other than his famous quotes, such as "Acting rich is OK long as you can afford it, But the folks with real money don't risk it, they hoard it." - Sumner A. Ingmark.

The most likely explanation seems to be that Sumner is just a pseudonym for another well-known gaming writer, Alan Krigman, who works for the casinocity times website. Alan Krigman is a well-respected gaming aficionado and an MIT graduate.

Every article Alan produces has a Sumner Ingmark quote at the end of it. Personally I suspect that he is using Sumner as a fictional third-party, partly to add gravitas to his own articles, and partly just for fun. After all there are not many opportunities to include your own poetic lines in a gambling article without appearing egotistical.
If you know any more about this, I would love to hear. Please email me.

Some more Ingmark quotes

These are a few of the quotes I have found from Sumner Ingmark. If you have any other please email me, using the contact us details.

It's easy to foster fallacious delusions,
Just fiddle the facts to fit foregone conclusions.

Protect your money, don't abuse it,
Unless you can afford to lose it.

Of compromises, life is full,
For every push there'll be a pull,
So seek a mean that's sensible.

Experience teaches it's wise to be leery,
Of something explained with an intricate theory.

If every conclusion were known in advance,
We'd only take actions we knew would enhance,
But it would be boring with naught left to chance.

Those who reason most illogically,
State their views most demagogically.

Casinos have action for those in the clover,
But, run out of dough and the thrill is all over.

First, exercise perspective in defining your objective,
Then, follow the directive that statistics show effective.

If your wallet's bigger than your britches,
You've defied what economics teaches.

Being in the catbird seat,
While a situation sweet,
May not circumvent defeat.

In resolving an impasse you may find it effective,
To consider the problem from a whole new perspective.

If you have any other Sumner Ingmark quotes please send them to me. Also feel free to use the above quotes in any articles you write. The bard hasn't prevented anyone so far. Of course, if he ever comes forward and asks me to change this copyright notice then I will happily oblige.

While the bard wishes to remain anonymous,
his requoted quotes have become eponymous.

NEW: See this update on the Sumner Ingmark mystery from a reader in NYC.

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