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Why UK Casinos - Why choose a UK online Casino?

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Why UK Casinos? Why are online casinos licensed and operating in the UK Ireland the best? Here’s one BIG reason that you should know about.

Are UK online casinos fair?
Online Casinos in the UK are fairer than many people realise. In the UK, ireland and many other countries the computer programs must be submitted to the government for thorough checking of fairness and integrity toward the player, which is why UK casinos are respected. The firm also has to be guaranteed by one of the big international accounting firms.

In all cases with casino gambling the odds for single deck blackjack, for instance, are exactly the same with an Internet casino as with the real thing. The same is true for baccarat, roulette etc. As for the gaming machine type games (slots, video poker etc) the player payout percentages are determined by the operator, and many will post what the percentage of payout is online. For the list of UK based, and UK-regulated casinos online click here. You will see why UK casinos are really the only ones to consider.

Can I really win at these casinos?
You most definitely can and you can win big! Most online bet casinos have a higher payout than land based casinos, and give you sign up bonuses and regular freebie bonuses. If you play the progressive jackpots you can have access to some major winnings. Over £100,000.00 jackpots is not uncommon, and even if you play the standard slots some superb jackpots are available.

The UK has some of the strictest gambling legislation in existence anywhere in the world, which is why UK casinos are used by 12% of US citizens

Why are UK casinos better than overseas ones?
Why UK Casinos? So far there have been almost no problems with online casino payouts and deposit security, but that is not to say there will never be. UK law imposes strict solvency requirements and reserve limits to ensure the company is always able to pay out its winnings, even if a whole string of people won the jackpots simultaneously at the uk casnio. The UK also requires that the licensee posts bonds of cash or insurance as part of the license requirements. To even get a license, those who apply have to go through extensive government legislation checks. Your personal security (including credit card details and other personal information) is also guaranteed under license agreements, as it is in almost all other jurisdictions. Most casinos and online gambling sites use secure servers to conduct all of their transactions, and all information about you is held offline. Many also take out insurance against fraud.

Which UK Casinos are the most popular?
The picture changes frequently, as new joining offers become available. At the time of writing the most popular UK Online games site were:

1. William Hill Casino

Review | More details | Download software

2. 888 Casino

Review | More details | Download software

3. 32-Red

Review | More details | Download software

4. Spin Palace

Review | More details | Download software

5. Virgin Games

Review | More details | Download software

How do I get started?
Starting at an online gambling site is in many ways far easier than having to go to a land-based casino. Why Uk casinos though? Not only are uk ireland online bet casinos open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but you also have the confidence that the payout ratio is usually over 98%. That means you really are playing against other players, or mother chance, rather than having the casino taking a slice.

You shouldn't just change your online gambling site to keep getting the initial joining bonus

The best way to start is to choose an online casino using our best online casino guide, and then sign-up to a couple. We have got deals with a number of casnios in uk and ireland that will give you a joining bonus once you open an account. Open an account with one of the sites below and you will receive a bonus. Also see our no deposit online casino list and tips pages for games ranging from paigo poker to baccarat. You will soon see why UK casinos are so popular. Once you have chosen the most appropriate site keep your business there. Many of Playhard's casinos offer loyalty deals, so you shouldn't just change sites to keep getting the initial joining bonus. For more details see our gambling FAQs, or just sign-up now.

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