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Best Roulette Odds


Step 2: Best Roulette Odds

In order to beat the casino house edge with this system its important to use a casino that gives the best roulette odds. Best odds, combined with this winning roulette system will reduce the chance of a loss to less than 1.2 % in a session.

French Roulette offers the best odds for this system

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French Roulette is the oldest, and arguably also the finest variation of roulette. The system we are going to play highlights the advantages of this single zero, 37 number system. To experience French Roulette download it here.

As well as getting the best roulette odds in French Roulette you can enjoy a range of unique bets too, like:

Tiers du Cylindre (Third of the Wheel): A bet on all twelve numbers opposite the zero on the roulette wheel.

Les Voisins du Zero (Neighbours of Zero): A bet on the 17 numbers that surround the 0 on the wheel, so all those that fall between 22 and 25.

Les Orphelins (Orphans): A bet on the remaining numbers that are not included in the Tiers du Cylindre numbers and Voisins du Zero.

Finales en Plein: This is a bet on all the numbers with a particular ending digit, e.g. 1, 11, 21 etc... There are multiple variation of Finales en Plein which this casino has preloaded so you can bet on them with a single click.

Finales a Cheval: The same as above but with a bet on numbers ending with two chosen digits, e.g. 3, 6, 13, 16, 23 and 26, 33 and 36.

French Roulette Screenshot

French Roulette is the table game of choice for roulette players - and of course its what we will use with this system. Every edge helps increase the winnings.

Installing French Roulette practice software

To get started we need to have access to French Roulette software. If you already have this installed then you can skip straight to Step 3: The winning roulette system, where I will explain how to follow this method to make as much money as possible.

1) Start by downloading the software from this link. When you get the download box just click Run and then accept any boxes that come up. Don't worry. The roulette software is perfectly safe and provided free by one of the word's biggest groups.

download french roulette

2) Accept the end user licence agreements.

Next you will see a box asking if you want to play for REAL or play for FUN. If you want to practice first without risking anythinghow play then go for FUN. On the other hand to get a £50 joining bonus, click play for REAL. Its up to you - and you can always switch later.






3) One you have completed the setup and logged in you will see the home screen. From here you can select French Roulette. The position is shown in the diagram below.

32red homepage roulette

4) You are now ready to start practicing.

Familiarise yourself with the layout of the casino table for a while, french roulette screenshotplacing a few practice bets. Try the various buttons such as rebet and look at the spin history in the top right. Once you are familiar using the software then you are ready to move on to start using the strategy to make some real money.

Click below to start winning consistently at Roulette by using the system to get the best roulette odds.

On to Step 3: Winning Roulette System




Step 2: Best Roulette Odds

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