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Wetherby Racecourse

Wetherby Racecourse is a horse track in West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom . The website is www.wetherbyracing.co.uk.

Wetherby Racecourse Address

York Road
West Yorkshire, England LS22 5EJ
United Kingdom

General Information - +44 1482-867488
General Information - +44 1482-882645
FAX - +44 1482-863892
Wetherby Racecourse Features
  • Entrance Fee (Annual Membership: Single: £100.00)
  • Entrance Fee (Associate: £170.00)
  • Entrance Fee (Club: £14.00)
  • Entrance Fee (Junior (16-21 years old): £60.00)
  • Entrance Fee (Junior (16-21 years old): £9.00.)
  • Entrance Fee (Silver Ring: £3.00 (OAP) £2.00)
  • Entrance Fee (Special rate for cars in Third Ring/Picnic Park: Per car £2.00 and per person £2.00)
  • Entrance Fee (Tattersalls: £9.00 (OAP) £6.00)
  • Entrance Fee (Third Ring: £2.00 (OAP) £1.50)
  • Horse Track

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