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I am frequently asked the question "Can I trust online uk casinos?" Well, that depends. Usually yes, but there are certainly reasons to be cautious. One of these is that there are many sites, including one called which itself purports to be reporting bad sites, which are at best untrustworthy and at worst are outright scams. The answer? Non-download casino sites, where no download of games is required.

Virtual Games are here!
BetHiLo brings you the world's first and only instant, non-download spread betting games where you can bet for real or just play for fun. No other bookmaker offers anything like this, which give you an instant and very exciting chance to spread bet.

Choose from five no-download options:

Cricket Roulette - Think cricket's boring? Not when you involve a bit of roulette! Betting is available on Total Runs, the Opening Partnership, Boundaries, and you can even choose between a single or six over game.

Pub Darts
- Step up to the oche for some ultra-cool graphics and plenty of tungsten-tipped action to get involved in. Select your players and bet on a choice of seven darts markets!

Soccer Shootout - Can you keep a cool head when it goes down to penalties? Choose from any of the five markets including Total Goals, Total Goal Points, Shirt Numbers and Keeper Performance.

Cannonballs - With so many balls the opportunities are simply endless! Fire the cannon and you'll be able to choose from all sorts of markets such as Crazy Golf, Multi-Points or even Cricket Multi-Points.

Cannonballs 2 - Firing one extra ball than the original Cannonballs game, there are even more exciting markets for you to try out.

Have a go now to see what they're all about! Don't forget that start playing with just pennies, or even for free! 

Free £25 Cashback

BetHiLo are offering all new clients a very generous £25 cashback once you've opened your account and placed just five bets on different sports markets. BetHiLo offers the ideal introduction to spread betting, because it allows you to start punting with stakes from just 1p!

For more information about Bet Hi Lo please click on the link title below:

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