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WSOP Raffle

Participate in the Team WSOP Raffle - you can be one of three players that get to travel to Las Vegas in July and play in the World Series of Poker! All you have to do to partake in the raffle is to accumulate 100 Player Points or more. The Player Points are then used to claim a WSOP Raffle ticket.

Terms & conditions

Win a spot in the edition of Team that will travel to Las Vegas and compete in the World Series of Poker in July 2005! Each spot is worth $13,500 and includes travel, hotel, tournament entry fee, special activities with the rest of Team To view the full terms and conditions, please click here. Furthermore, it includes the chance to become a paid Poker Pro for a year - valued at $240,000!

One in forty-five will move on from this tournament, that is played every Saturday at 6:00 PM ET.

There are several tournaments leading in to the main $300+20 WSOP Qualifier - check them out by following the link below!

WSOP Qualifiers

Weekly calendar

Racing Series Racing Series

Take your poker skills all the way to a ride in an Official Pace Car of the 2005 Molson Indy Toronto!

The $100+8 Racing Series Tournament, played on July 2, awards the winner with the chance to ride as passenger in an Official Pace Car of the 2005 Molson Indy Toronto. Cross the finish line in 130 mph! The $6,000 Molson Indy Toronto VIP Experience is a guaranteed first prize. Airfare to Toronto for the winner and a friend is included, as is accommodation.

$11+1 qualifiers are played Saturdays at 7 PM ET.

Read more about the Racing Series

Player Points Freeroll Player Points Freeroll

If you don't want to spend your accumulated player points but still want to play tournaments - you can always look into our Player Points Freeroll

Read more about our new Player Points Freeroll

Refer a friend Refer a friend

Do you have friends that you think will enjoy Invite them and get $50 for getting them to start playing! They will also receive an extra bonus of $25 just because you referred them!

Click here to refer a friend
Royal Money Royal Money

Win up to $5,000 on a single hand!
Hit a Royal Straight Flush on any Texas Hold'em real money ring game table and receive a special Royal Money bonus. The payout amounts to 100 times the big blind of the table limit played (maximum $5,000) when making the Royal Straight Flush.

That is,
. Play on a $2/$4 limit table and the bonus pays $200 ($2x100).
. If you play on a $50/$100 or higher limit table you can win $5,000!
. All suits pay equally. The bonus is added automatically to your account.

. At least one hole card must be used to make the Royal Straight Flush.
. You must have played at least 5 previous hands, that have been raked, in the same game session for the promotion to apply.
. No need for a showdown.
. Maximum prize that can be won with this promotion is $5,000.

Click here to play

WSOP Qualifier

20% Deposit Bonus

Shark Cage
First Deposit

Experience the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas - play against the stars of poker and mingle with the celebrities! For a limited time, offers you a free ticket to the $6 WSOP Qualifier upon your first deposit. This is your chance to travel to Vegas as a member of Team!

Make your first deposit, play our real money games and you will receive:

. Free ticket to the $6 WSOP Qualifier
. 20% up to $100 in deposit bonus
. Free ticket to the $2 Shark Cage Real Money beginners' tournament
. Up to $10,000 in Play Money

In order to get your deposit bonus, you must first collect enough player points within 60 days of your deposit by playing. When you have enough player points, you will automatically get the deposit bonus transferred to your PokerRoom account. More info.

Your first deposit will also award you with a ticket to the Shark Cage, an invitational tournament accessible for new depositing players. This tournament enables players to take it easy, get used to how a tournament works and learn to play without having to deal with seasoned players! More info.
Play for fun - Win for real Freerolls

The freeroll is a multi-table tournament where you join for free and have the chance to win bonus cash! There are three daily freerolls, played at 00:30 AM ET, 09:30 AM ET and 2:30 PM ET, that each carry a bonus cash prize pool of $500.

Place among the top 45 to receive bonus cash according to this schedule.

In order to receive the bonus prize you has to accumulate 4 player points/$ within 60 days of the event. If you have enough player points in your account to clear the bonus, the money will automatically be transferred to your account. The entire bonus prize is paid out at one time.

Get a T-shirtHold'em weekly top list Each week we will give a T-shirt to the player who is the biggest Hold'em play money winner of the week. The weekly competition starts and ends on midnight each Sunday.

Top List

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