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Wiiliam Hill is the most popular casino with our customers, based on the reviews and satisfaction scores. Generous joining offer and very easy to use.

Note: This is NOT the official Wiilliam Hill casino site. For that please visit William Hill casino

wiilliam hill

The graphics are very high quality and quick to run on most computers. The games themselves are easy to learn and play and you shouldn't expect any confusion on what you have to do at any point (which can't be said of all software). If you do become confused, the casino site provides you with a comprehensive help section - again, the best we have seen.

Features include an interactive casino floor populated with 'real' players, table and seat selection and customisable player avatars. There is a sidebar that includes a "Who's Playing" list, a live-chat channel and a real-time news/stocks feed. Fast, attractive and user-defined multimedia is the very heart of the software.

Back office is provided by eCash which is again simple and easy to use. We made up a few inquiries and tested the eCash phone support separate from the casino and found them helpful and courteous at all times of the day and night. This system gives you added security with a PIN number and allows you to use the account for other online transactions.

Wiliam Hill run regular special promotions which are good value, if not up to the US casinos often spectacular standards. But then at least you know they are not giving away their profits and are shutting down next week as a result. Look out for double monthly match bonuses and make sure you play the £100,000 free 'crack the safe' game every day.

When you combine all of the above with the fact that Willaim Hill is one of the world's leading betting companies having been founded in England in 1934, you won't go wrong by making this your online casino of choice. Payouts are audited by PriceWaterhouseCoppers and freely available on their site.

Overall a safe, secure gaming environment provided by one of the worlds most respected betting companies.

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Baccarat, Blackjack, Caribbean Poker, Craps, European Roulette, Slots, Video Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Keno, Break the Bank and Red Dog. Progressives and multi-player versions of some games.

Operator Willaim Hill
15 Mark Lane,
Tel: 0113 2912487

Freephone from UK: 00800 2872 2238
Email: customerservices@williamhill.co.uk

Money Deposits are accepted by Visa, Mastercard, Switch and bank transfer.

New players can make initial credit card deposits of up to£1,000 without a PIN and £1,500 with a temporary PIN (received by email)

Established players may deposit up to £2,500 per week on receipt of their permanent 6-digit PIN for the first 90 days. After 90 days established players may deposit up to £3,000 per week. After 1 year this amount goes up to £3,500 per week.

When you ask for a withdrawal, you must have your PIN number.

You may withdraw to your credit card up to the amount that you have deposited via credit card in the lifetime of your accounts with CryptoLogic. When you have withdrawn up to this amount, any remaining funds must be withdrawn via cheque.

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Quick Payout

We pride ourselves in paying your winnings quickly. Simply request payment from us and it's on its way - within 24 hours.

Wiiliam hiill

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