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How does online gambling work?

I am frequently asked the question "Can I trust online uk casinos?" Well, that depends. Usually yes, but there are certainly reasons to be cautious. One of these is that there are many sites, including one called which itself purports to be reporting bad sites, which are at best untrustworthy and at worst are outright scams. The answer? Non-download casino sites, where no download of games is required.

Online gambling and gaming explained...
There are several clear advantages to gambling online rather than in a true "bricks and mortar" casino. The obvious ones are that you will get a higher payout and gambling works in your favour because the casino has very low overheads (e.g. Casino Craze pays out $150 free to new joiners - Click here for details). Less obvious benefits are the anonymity that online gaming gives you. You may be a high flying trader during the day and the last thing you want is for work colleagues to see you in a casino! Well, if you play online nobody needs to know (so long as you're not doing it at work!).

Another big advantage of online gambling is that it gives you geographic anonymity. Several countries ban online gaming altogether, the best know of course being the USA. Although none of the online casinos promote themselves in the US, they are naturally unlikely to turn away such excellent business. Online gambling works for them. Most casinos do actively target the US, but have to do it in roundabout ways, such as by offering affiliate sites high commissions for customers, regardless of location. Of course they would say they don't target US customers, but as they are the biggest spenders and represent such a large proportion of the online population it is natural that they will be targeted by any online campaign.

How does online gaming actually work?virgin games logo

1. Choose an online casino. This seems obvious but is important to choose one that: 1. Has a high customer reputation (see our online casino reviews). 2. Is based in a stable and well-regulated country (see Why UK casinos?) 3. Offers a good initial joining bonus (all casinos offer some sort of joining bonus but many, such as 888 casino, offer up to $500, which means you can spend someone else's money before risking your own!).

2. Download the software. Most online casinos download some software so that they run more quickly. The advantage of this is that the only thing being sent via the internet is the bet and result, instead of all the graphics, sound etc. Some casinos offer no-download versions (see Bet Hi-Lo).

3. Play. If you are unsure of the rules of any game there is usually online help available, or view casino game rules, tips and strategy on Playhard.

4. Spend (if you win the jackpot)! Buy that yacht, the house in Florida and the ski chalet in the Alps. That's how online gambling works!


In summary, online gambling is big business, and is growing fast. There are huge advantages for the punters, and of course the companies themselves are making big profits too. The only time they lose is when people join up for their web site, spend the joining bonus and then leave. The biggest sufferers of this are places like 888 or Pacific Poker, because they offer such generous bonuses. Of course, that's how online gambling works so they just have to take the hit from a few customers and hope that the majority become long term players.

If you need more information about UK online casinos you will find an informative and comprehensive web site at Playhard UK.

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