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Jackpotjoy is the only UK-based Instant Win and Casino Games destination where players can Win Prizes, and win BIG Cash Jackpots!

N.B. Jackpotjoy is an anti AdWare/SpyWare or ScumWare merchant.

What is Jackpotjoy?
Jackpotjoy is a unique online gaming product. No other online gaming web site in the UK features over 40 games with multi-player chat and prize points for free players. Real players have the chance of winning BIG Cash Jackpots that are frequently in excess of £30,000. We now pay out more than £1 million! every week.

Offers this Month
Jackpot Joy Free Prize Draw.

Jackpot joy is unusual in online casinos. It is more of an instant win lottery type site, but punters use skill to increase the odds of winning prizes rather than relying on luck. It is extremely cheap to play, with many games costing just a few pence. Of course if you are interested in the big stakes these games are also available but jackpot joy is really a specialist in value for money games. That means low stakes, but still some pretty huge prizes (though of course not as high as casinos such as 888 online. You pays your money, you takes your choices, as my old man used to say.

You may be thinking that the whole point of casinos and online gaming halls is to win bug prizes, and yes of course that is the main reason we play on them. But as someone who lost his shirt by gambling recklessly I know the value of being able to limit the amount you pay out and instead try to make sure you "beat the house" Jackpot joy is the king of the hill in this respect. Try it by clicking on the jackpot joy logo below, or click to go straight to the

jackpot joy

Yes, its great. I'm great. The world is great. Don't kill, gamble. Play jackpot joy!

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