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VC Poker - from nowhere to no 1 in the UK... VC poker

Check out Victor Chandler Poker today and discover why poker's fast becoming the web's favourite game. You can play for free, or for as little or as much as you like with one of the largest ranges of tournaments that you'll find anywhere on the web. In fact, Victor Chandler Poker is the perfect place to discover just why the World's going poker mad.

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The Victor Chandler Business and its associated companies, established in 1946 has grown to become one of the most dynamic bookmaking and gaming groups worldwide.

Headquarters in Gibraltar and with offices around the world, the Group offers international online and telephone sports betting opportunities and web-based gaming in 5 languages.

Customers range from those who enjoy a relatively small gamble to some of the biggest players in the world. The range of betting opportunities offered to them and the volume of bets taken daily is enormous and these are backed by the world's most sophisticated and comprehensive online operating system with a dedicated multilingual team of staff.

VCpoker features:

- Practice your game and hone your skills on the play money tables.
- A huge choice of real money tables so you don't have to hang around for hours waiting to get a game.
- A wide range of table stakes to suit all players.
- One of the largest selections of tournaments anywhere on the web, with buy-ins ranging from $0.10 to $50.
- Because you're dealing directly with Victor Chandler, you can play safe in the knowledge that you're in a 100% fair and secure environment.
- State of the art yet cunningly simple software means you don't need to be a rocket scientist to play with VCpoker.
- Unparalleled 24/7 customer service to support you whenever you need it.
- Regular promotions, offers and competitions.

VC Poker

For more information about VC Poker please click on the button above. VC Poker is often mispelled as cictor fictor gictor bictor ictor vuctor v8ctor v9ctor voctor vkctor vjctor vixtor vistor vidtor victor vi tor vicror vic5or vic6or vicyor vicgor vicfor victir vict9r vict0r victpr victlr victkr victoe victo4 victo5 victot victof victod xhandler shandler dhandler chandler handler cgandler cyandler cuandler cjandler cnandler cnandler chqndler chwndler chsndler chzndler chabdler chahdler chajdler chamdler cha dler chansler chaneler chanrler chanfler chancler chanxler chandker chandoer chandper chand;er chand/er chandlwr chandl3r chandl4r chandlrr chandldr chandlsr chandlee chandle4 chandle5 chandlet chandlef chandled ooker 0oker -oker [oker ;oker loker piker p9ker p0ker ppker plker pkker pojer poier pooer poler po,er pomer pokwr pok3r pok4r pokrr pokdr poksr pokee poke4 poke5 poket pokef poked.

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