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Virgin Bingo is new, fun and seriously rewarding! Every month, there will be new offers and promotions just for you, ranging from match deposits, tournaments and prize draws for games on the site, to a wide variety of exclusive prizes and discount offers on products and services from other Virgin companies.

What is it about Bingo that makes Bingo such a popular game? Well it is certainly easy to play and exciting. But if you think the only people to enjoy Bingo are the blue rinse brigade then think again. It is social and friendly and unlike most games it is played by an equal mix of men and women - so it is a great way to meet new friends. Who knows. Perhaps your eyes will meet over the cyberspace card and you will be crying Bingo out loud.


Virgin Bingo offers a FREE trial - with 10 free Bingo cards. Click here for 10 free Virgin Bingo cards.


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Virgin Bingo is part of the Virgin Games family and is wholly owned by the Virgin Group. Quite simply we believe that gaming should be fun and entertaining. It should be rewarding whether you win or lose. That's why at this site you can play the best bingo, slots and video poker around, and we will offer unique prizes unobtainable on any other sites - we want you to have a great time. Of course you can win cash, but look out for the games where there are Virgin products and services on offer too! Because we're a Virgin company you can trust us, and we'll keep all your details safe and secure. So all you need to do is enjoy yourself. Let the Bingo Games begin!


First Deposit 100% Match Bonus


Get the Virgin Buzz Online on your computer
We're bringing bingo home!
Don't worry if you've never played Bingo on a computer before. We are going to give every new player £1 to play so that you can find your feet on Virgin Bingo Online.

100% deposit match
When you've got the hang of Virgin Bingo Online, we like to keep the bonuses coming. We will match your first deposit of up to £125 with a pound for pound 100% bonus.

Chat to other players
At Virgin Bingo Online we are dedicated to building our community. You can easily chat to other players during the Bingo game, sharing tips, jokes or just generally catching up! Our Chat Moderators are on hand at all times to keep you company, if you need it, and answer any questions you might have.

We're here to help

Our fantastic Customer Services team are available for your assistance 24 hours a day. Call them on 0800 587 5245 or email


Learn to play Virgin Bingo
90-Number Bingo is similar to North American-style 75-Number Bingo. Players purchase tickets, then mark the numbers that are called and hope to be the first player to correctly complete the winning pattern!
What is 90-Number Bingo?

90-Number Bingo is the bingo game traditionally played in the United Kingdom and Australia. The game is similar to North American-style 75-Number Bingo, where players purchase cards/tickets, then mark the numbers that are called and hope to be the first player to correctly complete the winning pattern. Although the basic foundations of the two games are the same, there are many differences. In 90-Number Bingo, cards have three rows and nine columns. Five squares in each row contain numbers ranging from 1 to 90, while the rest are blank.

Virgin Bingo is sometimes written as cirgin firgin girgin birgin irgin vurgin v8rgin v9rgin vorgin vkrgin vjrgin viegin vi4gin vi5gin vitgin vifgin vidgin virfin virtin viryin virhin virbin virvin virgunvingo and Bingo as either gingo hingo ningo ingo bungo b8ngo b9ngo bongo bkngo bjngo bibgo bihgo bijgo bimgo bi go or even occasionally written as binfo binto binyo binho binbo binvo bingi .If you typed one of these you are probably looking for Virgin Bingo. Click here to go to Virgin Bingo official site.



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If you need more information about Virgin Bingo games you will find an informative and comprehensive website at Playhard UK.

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