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Mayer Technique Roulette - AMAZING NEW SYSTEM

Win 94% of the time! (See below)

I have been working on and perfecting this system for six months - and it is now ready for release. Independent mathematical test show an incredible 94.38% success rate over 100 spins (net positive balance).

This system is NOT based on chance, trends, uneven wheels, or long periods studying tables.  It is based upon clever yet simple mathematical theory which will mean you win consistently, even in short periods.

The beauty of the system that it is simple enough to learn within a few hours.  You can use it at both online and internet casinos.

 I know it sounds too good to be true, but it isn't.  I worked as an IT consultant for 5 years and earned very good money.  But I wasn't happy.  I couldn't spend time with my family and I was dependent upon someone else continuing to pay me a wage.

Now I earn more money than I thought possible,
and I do it all from home. 


I am so confident that you will win that I offer a full MONEY BACK GUARANTEE*. Make a profit in your first week or you will receive all your money back with no quibbles.

* No quibble Money back guarantee includes all Nochex fees. Unlike others when we say a 100% refund we mean it.


This guide will sell full price at £59.99, but for Playhard customers that is reduced to just £12.99 for a short time only. My excellent feedback pays testament to its value in turning you into a highly successful roulette player.


Why buy this course?

  1. It is based upon pure mathematics and statistics - not some crackpot idea.
  2. The course contains not just the incredible Mayer Technique. It also includes roulette rules and variations, common pitfalls and a thorough review of online roulette operators.
  3. The step by step guide takes you from first principles to your first win. No prior knowledge is required.
  4. Roulette suddenly becomes thrilling and fun. You will impress friends and amaze other players.
  5. The Mayer Technique is produced by Alex Mayer, and has been licenced exclusively. You cannot buy this guide elsewhere.
  6. The win rate has been independently verified. Over 100 spins you will be up on average 94.4% of the time. Please ask if you want more details.
  7. You get the full course materials - no further installments to buy.
  8. The system is fully guaranteed. If you fail to win get all your money back.


This guide is NOT available elsewhere.


This guide is copyright. You cannot get this guide elsewhere.
Others do sell Online Roulette guides but they are cheap reproductions available on the internet or are simply their homegrown tips, usually poorly written and based upon superstition, wheel patterns, the stars or any number of other wacky theories. This book is an authoritative guide. This book is not for gamblers. It is for people who are serious about making money quickly by playing roulette in land-based or online casinos. If you are not prepared to read and follow the advice then please don't bother with this guide. However if you are serious about changing your winning patterns then be assured that this is the only book you will need. I offer full ongoing email assistance to all buyers.  Others won't - or can't.



FAQ's(Frequently asked Questions)

Is it legal?
Yes, subject to local gambling laws. You are simply using mathematical probability and proprietary techniques to overcome casino house odds. That is fully legal.

Why don't the casinos stop this?
It wouldn't be easy for them to do so. By preventing people from using these techniques they would need to change the odds for everyone. And that would make the average player lose too much money and stop him returning.

How much can I earn?
Although the potential winnings are unlimited, it is best to build up your winnings slowly, to avoid alerting the operators.

Will I get banned from the online casinos?
My guide shows you how to join several casinos and shows you how they detect people who win too much. By following the advice you can make large sums of money without the online casinos taking notice.

Can I pass this technique on?
No.  The materials are copyright. I also ask you to avoid spreading the technique through any other means. To spread it risks the casinos progressively changing their odds to make it less successful.

If this technique is so successful, why are you selling it?
I have used this technique to make money for several years. I never need to work again, and I am not yet 30! However, I cannot make more money from the casinos without raising worries and becoming banned. Therefore I need to spread the technique to a select few others. If too many people start winning it will ring alarm bells, which is why I sell only a very small number of these strategies. 

Start winning with Roulette.  Buy now!


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