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Achieving Roulette Nirvana


Step 4: Achieving Roulette Nirvana

Now ride the train to roulette nirvana!

Now that you have practiced the system it is finally time to really ramp up the earnings.

Now, as you can imagine, using this system gives you a real advantage over your average Joe on the street. As I've shown, with just a £100 bank the chance of the casino making money is less than 5.6%. Unsurprisingly casinos don't like this very much! As a result some have moved to ban this system.

The casinos below have all been vetted carefully. I recommend signing up to each of them now, depositing the minimum you need to get the joining bonus, and then alternating play between them so that you don't set off any "red lights".

To achieve the Holy Grail of Roulette Nirvana you need to combine the signup bonuses that you receive from the online casinos with the odds advantage offered by this system. Don't get greedy. Once you have completed one line then stop and switch casinos.

Good luck. This roulette system is given away 100% free by me so please let me know how you get on.


(Last updated: Jul 2022)

Casino 2(I've made the most money with this one)

Casino USA(Best for USA players)

Casino 4(No longer allows this system)

Casino 5(No longer allows this system)


Click on any of the links above and get started.


The reason I use redirect links here are so that I can monitor all the casinos and update the list to ensure that these casinos all offer you the highest rewards with minimum risk.  Casinos with any complaints against the system are removed from the list and replaced.  If you have any feedback on any of these casinos please email me on casinos@playhard.co.uk and I will ensure the casino is investigated and, if necessary, replaced on the list.

RememberSwitch casinos regularly – and always after a good winning run.  You can go back to the original one a week or two later so there’s no need to close the account.  By joining several of these casinos you also benefit from the free joining bonuses that you will use to maximize your wins.

And finally...

If you liked this system then you may also want to try the full version of a similar strategy, which increases the win rate and reduces losses even further. The Mayer Roulette Strategy is a complete system for extracting large amounts of cash from any online casino at exceptionally low risk. Click here for more details...



Step 4: Achieving Roulette Nirvana

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