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Roulette Tips and Strategy


Below are the rules for standard roulette, also known as European or International roulette. This game has better odds than American roulette rules, which is explained separately.

While the number of spots may look intimidating, roulette is actually a fairly simple game to play. In Roulette you place your bet on a number, row, line, or adjacent numbers. The standard Roulette wheel has 40 spots from 1 to 38 including 0 and 00. After bets are placed the Roulette wheel is spun and the ball is dropped rolling in the opposite direction of the wheels rotation. The ball will then stop in a number slot and that number is the winning number. If you are having inconsistent luck try a recommended roulette betting system or a 100% free roulette system

roulette wheel
The Bets

The following are the standard bets you can make and their corresponding payouts:
Straight bet: A bet on a single number pays 35-1.

Split bet: A Split bet is when a bet is made on any line that divides any two adjacent numbers. This bet is made so that either of those two numbers will be a winner. The payout is 17-1.

Street bet: A player can bet on three numbers in any vertical row on the table by placing a bet on the line on the bottom of that row. The bet is made so that any of those three numbers will be a winner. The payout is 11-1.

Corner bet: The bet is placed on the middle of four numbers. The bet is that one of these four numbers will be a winner. The payout is 8-1.

Line bet: This bet is placed on the outside of the lines that split two rows of numbers. This bet covers all six numbers. The bet is that one of the six numbers will be a winner. The payout is 5-1.

Column bet: This bet is placed on any of the three columns of twelve numbers running horizontally along the table. The payout is 2-1 for a winning bet. If 0 comes up, all column bets lose.

Dozen bet: This bet is placed on the outside boxes marked 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The player will bet on numbers 1 to 12, numbers 13 to 24 and/or numbers 25 to 36. The payout is 2-1 for a winning bet. If 0 comes up, all dozens bets lose.

Even bet: A player can bet on either an odd or even number coming up. The payout is even-money (1-1). If 0 comes up, all odd and even bets lose

In Roulette you can bet on as many numbers as you wish up to the table maximum. In some casinos there is a rule in affect called "en prison". When a 0 or 00 is hit, the player loses half there wager if they made an even bet. The player will remain in play until the next spin. (Roulette rules may vary at some casinos)

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